Soleil Marie Benoit (salt_and_silver) wrote,
Soleil Marie Benoit

I'm Here For The Coffee (with marbleincarnate)

[Continued from here]

The manager of the little flea-bag motel was probably going to charge her extra for all the hot water she used, but it was worth it to get all the sap off her skin and out of her hair. Thank the good lord above that it wasn't creepy crawly season or else Soleil would've had to worry about more than just sticks and needles in her hair. As it was, she cleaned up pretty good in jeans that were just shy of being brand new and a strappy little tank top underneath her favorite leather jacket. She usually traveled light and there wasn't really any room in her bag for a little black dress.

Simon was easy to spot at one of the tables, and Soleil smiled as she walked towards him. He was easy on the eyes, she'd give him that. And, unless she was mistaken, his hat wasn't the only reason why they'd crossed paths. Whether it was pure gut instinct or female intuition remained to be seen, and she was curious to find out more about him.

"Well, hey stranger. This seat taken?"
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