Soleil Marie Benoit (salt_and_silver) wrote,
Soleil Marie Benoit

Application for deadlands_rp

Name: Soleil Marie Benoit

Aliases: none

Chosen Play By: Gretchen Wilson (country music singer)

Fandom: Supernatural:

Canon Break: No real canon break since she doesn't know Sam & Dean. Soleil is an original character/independent hunter from the series.

Age: 34

Description: Hunters in the Supernatural fandom are just that, hunters. They hunt down the various spooks, specters and creeptastic things like zombies, ghosts and demons.

Personality: I've based a lot of her personality on Gretchen Wilson & her song 'Redneck Woman'. Soleil's a 4-wheel-riding, pickup-truck-driving, hard-working, hard-playing 100% Tough Chick. She isn't college educated by any means. She's more 'life/street smart' than 'book smart'. Most of the time, she goes from one random town to another mostly finding work as a bartender or waitress. She's heard about the supposed 'safe zone' over the years and has slowly been working her way towards it.

Retcons: In America? Check. Over 18? Check. Human PB? Check.

Equipment: Crossbow, bolts/arrows/ammo, Bowie knife, handgun, bullets, lighter

Soleil was running low on supplies and her truck had been running on fumes for at least the past week. She'd come across a couple 'good ole boys' who'd set themselves up a still about a month ago. Moonshine really wasn't her drink of choice, but she'd done a few modifications to the truck over the years that it could pretty much run on pure ethanol. That and the stuff came in handy when she needed to roast a few zombies.

She'd been in BFE Idaho when the outbreak hit. At first, Soleil thought it was a freak thing, but when everyone and their dead grandma started popping up like daisies, she realized different. And the sonsabitches were a pain in her ass. Well, everyone's ass really. Soleil learned quick that, though aiming for the head did the trick, shotgun blasts also attracted the damn things.

Staying put hadn't really been her thing, either. Her grandmother and mother had both been Hunters back in the day, and Soleil had inherited a bit of a gift of getting to wherever she needed to be. She'd roll into some random town, make herself at home in their dinkus magee little motel, find herself a job at the nearest diner or bar, and the next thing she knew all kinds of shit would hit the fan. Someone would mention something about a ghost haunting somebody's house or people turning up dead in weird ways, and she'd get the impulse to go looking into it. She'd come across witches (and not the wiccan kind, either), ghosts, and even a couple of demons.

But all that changed once the zombies started turning up. Before the Net went down for good, she'd read some of the other Hunters' posts and blogs about there being a safe zone someplace back East. Slowly, over the years, Soleil had worked her way across the country. Sometimes, she'd meet up with other Hunters and they'd trade tactics and techniques on how to kill as many zombies as possible. One guy even showed her how to turn her shotgun into a crossbow. Firing bolts instead of shells took some getting used to, but she managed. She'd had to learn quick or die trying.

So, there she was, driving through the countryside, hoping to find that safe zone before her truck ran out of fuel or she ran into another band of zombies.
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