Soleil Marie Benoit (salt_and_silver) wrote,
Soleil Marie Benoit

For dear_mun

Aiiight, chickypoo. Yeah, I know ya ain' that happy with me. Thought maybe ya'd change my face over to Amy Lee. Even been workin' on a header'n layout'n junk most of the night. But, uh, she ain' me, darlin'. Ain' sayin' I don' like goth stuff. I jes don' think that's me. Yeah, yeah. So, ya've had 'Call Me When You're Sober' goin' through yer head all night. Don' lookit me. Ya know damn well I'd rather listen to Bocephus anytime.

Now, about that community yer were thinkin' of throwin' me inta. Ain' ya learned yet? Anytime ya app one uh us anywhere, we go quiet. Happened tha last time ya got me inta a game. Hell, woman, it ain' even open yet. How're ya supposed ta know it's any good? Yeah, yeah. I know ya've been gripin' an' all about tryin' ta get people interested in me an' my headmates. If it happens, it happens. If it don', it don'. An' stayin' up until o'dark thirty ain' doin' anyone a bit'a good. So, go getcha some shut eye an' we'll talk more in tha mornin', kay?

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